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Dear All,

After 10 years I have decided to Kill off my ‘Shitmat’ moniker to work under a new name or ten.

It’s basically time for me to move on, progress, evolve and let the other music I make take the front seat. I’ve always enjoyed experimenting with humour and heavy music but for me, I’d like to launch and explore some of my other projects and ideas.

Over the years I have made well over 1000 shitmat tracks, thoroughly enjoyed mashing the place up and getting away with copyright murder. I’ve made some great friends, had some amazing travels and a right fucking blast. It’s been awesome!

Wanted to say a big thank you to all the people who came to my shows, shown me love, booked me, bought my records/downloaded my music for free (cheeky but I do the same), supported me and wrong music and record label’s like planet mu, death$ucker and aural addiction who had enough belief in my music to release it in the first place. And hopefully I pissed off a lot of people to, that was the initial plan!

Mash Hits was my final release (Although officially it was made by Michael Presley) and this will be released in a limited edition boxset next year.

As I put an end to Shitmat and temporarily become Tafkas (The artist formerly known as Shitmat) I thought it was the right to open the proverbial animal cage and let some of my other works free for a singular release on the upcoming electronic music record label Love Love Records

Tafkas – Hidden Tracks

Tafkas - Hidden Tracks (2003-2012)


This is a assortment of music I have made over the last 9 years. The music you hear was made in many different locations and in many different states and states of mind. It was never meant to be collected and released in this way. In fact most of it was never meant for release at all. Just music I made for myself, I did have 100’s of other unreleased nondescript tracks but lost most of them when my seasgate 1tb hard drive passed away.

Unlike the sample based music I am known for, on these works I use other sound sources to build from. It features double bass, live drums, guitar, synthesisers, voice, hardware, lots of different NI Reaktor ensembles and field recordings amongst other things. Some pieces are melodic, others percussive, some down to earth and some out in space. This is many miles away from what you may know me for. There is no pre conceived sound or style on this album; it is truly between a cauliflower and a hard place

News on some of my new alais’s will filter through online over the coming month’s and I am stil available for dj bookings playing jungle, old school, ghetto tech, juke and disco as STEPTOE

Thanks!!! please comment bellow!! It’s been emashional!!!

All the best,

Henry Collins

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Mash Hits is complete!

I am happy to say Mash Hits is complete! Over the course of the 10 months doing this project i have gained a new appreciation for pop music and an equal hatred for it. Bouncing between warm heartfelt song’s of the golden era and the loud obnoxious songs of nowadays. Maybe i’m getting old or maybe i’m getting wise. Hope you have enjoyed the project and stay tuned for news on a possible physical release of it early next year.

I am human and i could have made a mistake but as far i know i have used every song (Double a sides too) that got to number one in the uk between 14th november 1952 & 14th of november 2012 to make 293 new tracks. The chart information i used up to 2004 is from the “Guinness Book of British Hit Singles & Albums” & from 2004 onwards from BBC Radio 1

My plan now is to delete all pop music from my hard drives as to cleanse my data storage systems and create a clean palette for new projects. Never look back always look forward.

Here is the final song which uses a old 78rpm copy of the Eddie Calvert’s ”Oh mein papa” as the sound source


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Mash Hits … the audio unit!!! (Max4live, Stand Alone, OSX, PC)

Mash Hits … the audio unit!!! (Max4live, Stand Alone, OSX, PC)

Shitmat & Beatwife are proud to present our new audio unit with is capable of recycling pop music into wig out music. Mash Hits cuts your audio file into hits which you can then sequence, mash and twiddle on the fly using a slider based sequencer with a handy wavetable to see which slice your triggering. You can rearrange and alter your sliced audio with many options such as : Number of Slices, Attack, Velocity, Randomize slice choice, Timing, Gate, Legato, Sequence length and Morph between presets. The results can be syncopated and at other times more abstract depending on how you decide to use it. it comes with some presets but we advise you just mess around with it, link it to your midi controller and go off on one!

The Effects…

Vinyl Richie
Tweak and screw your creations up with the two knobs; Scratch and Speed. You can also draw in automation curves for your scratch.

Gary Glitter Filter
This dodgy sounding FX is infact a handy filter; lowpass, highpass, bandpass & bandstop

Delay Guetta
This FX is actually nothing to do with the floppy haired nauseating producer, it’s an effective delay unit.

Leo Slayer
Fat and hairy distortion with 2 drive knobs and a lowpass filter.

Phil Collins Phaser
Experience another day in paradise with this nifty FX

Support email mash.hits.project(@)

OSX - MAx For Live Instrument Device & Standalone Application

WIN - MAx For Live Instrument Device & Standalone Application

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Mash Hits update : Less than a month left on this project but plenty more plunderphonics to come!

Day # 285 … So far i have turned Cliff Richard into electronica, Elvis into musique concrète, David Guetta into harsh nosie, sent Take That into space, created a new genre called nipple rock, made fashionable footwork from Brian Poole & The Tremeloes, timestretched Bryan Adams ‘(Everything I Do) I Do It For You’ to last 16 weeks, got all political with the track ‘Occupy Chris Brown’, turned Timmy Mallet into gabber,  transformed Chris de Burgh into minimal techno,  processed national treasure’s The Beatles through a ring modulator (three times), killed Westlife, made a dozen synthetic psychedelic rock tracks, forced the X factor Finalist’s to play Incidental music for Simon Cowell’s funeral and generally re-imagined some of the most nauseating modern music into something new and interesting. I have also made some kosher bootlegs & slapstick megamixes and along the way. Some people are saying it’s like ‘Jive Bunny on LSD’ ….. hmmm yeah your pretty much right, but think he’s had more than just a acid tab!

In just under 1 month (Nov 14th) the project will end. And what is to come? .. I have no flippin’ idea!!!! I make these remixes and reworking’s fresh each day so it really does depend on my mood and what idea’s work. Please stay tuned cos i have saved some cracking number one singles for the end. Your support, comments and emails are much appreciated! ..

bellow is one my favorite recent mash hits entries i have made.
(& possibly the most out there, unsanctioned U2 remix ever)

I am available for interviews & talks/workshops on plunderphonics and remixing
Please contact shitmat(@) for information & press packs

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Returning to Bristol, UK next month

After 2 + years i will be returning to bristol’s black swan to make some noise. Expect a strict jungle hardcore set with no pop or sing-alongs. :-) – foghorn’s ready


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The Wrong Music Disco returns to Bangface Weekender

Wrong Music  will rise from the grave for a traditional Bangface weekender 80′s/90′s dance disco + a mobile tuck shop & guest dj sets including  one from one of my favorite strange musicologists DJ BUS REPLACEMENT SERVICE .. check out her latest mix bellow

& one from me AKA DJ Fruitpolo

see you there! and dress the fuck up!

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Elvis Week at Mash Hits

UHUR HUR .. It’s ELVIS week at mash hits  .. On Aug 16th it will be 35 years since Elvis died so it’s time to celebrate the legacy of the king and his 20 #1 singles though reworking and recycling his remaining hits that i have not used yet ..

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Big News in. I will be playing at the bangface weekender this year in collaboration with rich beatwife for our debut MISTY CONDITIONS live show.  pure ruffneck jungle style. more on this new incarnation coming real soon.

What a fucking amazing epic lineup. Cannot wait! 

You can find beatwife here ..

As well as making enough acid to melt the people of luxenborg he also makes plugins for max 4 live. On his site you can download these for a donation. There’s all sorts of great stuff for mangling your audio like GRIDWIFE, SEQ FX & SPECFREEZEWARP which i have used in tracks recently. There are also a range of synths and samplers which are awesome like PHERTZ, FM TECHRE & SAMPLE WIFE.A few weeks ago he released a stand alone version of his BREAKWIFE plugin.

In this ap you can add up to 8 breaks and ingeniously rearrange them on the fly, add fx, sequence reordering & lots more. Hours of fun & great for creating some new rhythms. A shitmat review of this ap coming soon.

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Mash Hits live at The Spirit of Gravity review

Finally back in Brighton after a year away it was great to see Shitmat with a special Mash Hits set, although some of them there London types who had come down mangled on the train having just discovered “KillerBabylonKutz” seemed a little nonplussed by the lack of Gabba breaks. The rest of us lapped up the treat. If you have been following the series, ( you’ll know what to expect – heavily processed hits from the last 60 years of no 1′s. Tonight we had Doris Days “Secret Love”, Madonna and several things I didn’t recognise. Doris Day was submerged in a glorious aquatic murk, mermaid-like rising above it to sink wonderfully again. A really sparse and empty piece of Piano minimalism, noise and some daft 80s beats. It was great to see Henry stretching his legs.

El Maestro Con Queso (Gravitational Pull)

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Back to the shack!


Heya .. Glad to be back home with the family after the small uk ‘Spiritual Underpants’ tour. Good to have a rave and play with my huge midi penis live. Real sorry the colchester gig did not happen, something went wrong with the venue the day before which left lovelove in the shit and in the end it had to be cancelled. The Bangface Boat Party was a great last gig to do and i immensely enjoyed playing Happy Hardcore 50 meters from the millenium dome floating in the thames. Not sure when i’m next playing a show as having a bit of a break for the summer + back too doing my plunderphonics project ‘Mash Hits’ now. Bit behind in quotas of # 1′s used as on tour it was harder to keep up with workload so now i’m home and rested expect an influx of entries from now till November. More News and Release’s coming soon x HS

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