Shitmat – Full of Shit

I’m happy to announce that my new album of old stuff is out on WRONG MUSIC!
on Monday 29th of November ! It’s called …

– ‘Full of Shit!’ (Volume Bum; Unreleased Songs, Crap tunes, pointless Gabber, mediocre badly produced rave, Out of fashion breakcore and quintessentially rubbish concept tracks about subjects close to my heart/farts 2002-2008)

This is a hardrive tsunami of tracks that never made it on my five albums, tracks I played at shows, stuff Planet Mu didn’t like, half arsed tracks, bad ideas, good ideas that never got finished, stuff meant for split releases and compilations that never happened, tracks I made lazily in a hurry before a gig, tracks made while under the influence of alcohol, shit tracks that I wish I never bothered making, tracks with very bad production, gabber puke, jungle pubes, generic general mashup bizznizz, NRG chortlers, lol magic moments, poo, shit and a donk in a pear tree etc etc etc. I really do hope that at least 17.5% of it hits the spot for at least 10% of the people that download it.

So take a ride on the shit train to Mashville, stopping at TV Theme Remix Avenue, Really Awful Idea Square, Screw Copyrightington, haha Heath and Fuck Shit Fuck Boulevard.. if not fuck off on the plane to Wobbleworld!

Full of Shit : Volume Bum (Previews) by shitmat


Tracklisting is as follows …

01. Yo
02. Uncle shitmat Mash up da Place
03. Dred Meat
04. Kaufman’s Bagel
05. Location location location, eyeball socket redevelopment special
06. Phantasy joystick island
07. Unsophisticated crapness at its best
08. Toenails are a scratching
09. Terrorhike
10. Harder, faster, louder, better etc
11. Badger in my airspace
12. Rabble of rasters
13. Some Crap off my Hardrive
14. Relationshits
15. Party Pooper
16. Lend me the frofit moffler
17. Bill Gate’s Squat Party Megamix
18. Nicky Blackmarket ate my Hamster
19. Invisible Hardcore
20. Fear of something that’s nothing
21. Soldier of Fortune
22. Ravescar (chelmsford calling remix) +
23. I’ll have a gin and tonic on the rocks please evil barman
24. Stupid face you got there
25. Scrotum Genocide ++
26. Ballbreaker
27. I hate the bloke who plays henry crabtree in pie in the sky
28. Fucked
29. T-goddard lockoff track [trisha melisha mix]
30. Hit me with your gabber kick (live in helsinki)
31. Got a lust 4 rudebwoy spanglers and sampling 7
32. Simon’s dreds stink
33. Noel Edmonds peyote cornfield
34. Making mildly melodic mashcore music makes me more melodically macho
35. Clash & Carry (Demo mix)
36. Ricky
37. Dayanotherstay
38. How i feel
39. Manfred Poop
40. MC Majeka
41. The 96 kbps near cd quality audio Satan’s asbestos jockstrap hoesdown
42. Theme From M.A.S.H up
43. Tombstoner
44. Kill the soundman man
45. Bashment Jaxxx
46. Ringpiece Riot
47. Stop the ragga
48. The blade of Actar
49. Toxie Dancehall
50. The sound of poosick
51. Shopliftin’ gabber (W.H.SMITH rmx)
52. Oh Gosh
53. Happyshopper bashment discount
54. Gore Soca
55. Chemical Tomb
56. Prince Kelly’s Lucifer paninI
57. Pristine chipstick Messiah
58. A pelican named alf
59. Hardcore torturing isn’t all its cracked up to be I’m going back to stamp collecting
60. Uk garage photocopiers from outa space
61. mix 4 volks
62. Serpentine blankets
63. Macho polka
64. Jimmy nail is dead, now i can remove his liver…yeah!
65. You don’t like gabber and i know now
66. Wrong Music Megamix
67. Skibadee’s weird dream about the Monaco grand prix
68. Sunday Sesh with Tony & OB
69. Ye’ old wanker
70. Marky [shitmat party mix]
71. Flo selector
72. Insomnimaniac
73. Wigan warriors
74. Recording people on drugs and using them in tunes is better than taking them – fuckin’ big drum kick
75. Black Pudding
76. Goth chef’s in Pompeii
77. One foot in the rave
78. Gurn 4 team gabber.mp3
79. Inside the ride
80. Gummi fuckers.mp3
81. Indiana jones and the temple of deathchant
82. Westwood (I should’ve shot you in the testicles and left you for dead)
83. Sounds weighed down by the Underground
84. Clash & Carry (VAT MIX)
85. Badboy Bizznizz (kraked squat party mix)
86. Ove-naxx is my Lucky Grooverider Bracelet
87. Front 2 the Back (remix)
88. Captain Blowhorn
89. Drum’n'fart
90. Dodgy Pill Aftermath
91. Zambonie power dance
92. L’ivresse Jungle
93. Prince Lexas the 8th
94. Badman banter
95. Death to tradition
96. No Way
97. Haha i fucked blaergs girlfriend with my painfree font shaped monster cock, she hated it but i didn’t
98. Gotta Get Drunk
99. End of the Road

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