Mash Hits # 16 – Think Twice

Never liked Celine Dion, her music annoys me, her face annoys me, even her name annoys me. So for this Mash Hit i fucked her up good and proper!
PS. Interesting fact about this hit. ‘Think twice’ was written by Andy Hill, a former member of Prog Rock band King Crimson.


Using only samples and/or parts of the following UK No 1 singles

Celine Dion – Think Twice (04/02/1995)

View a full list of uk no 1 singles here

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Rubik’s Cube Mix!

Complex Sound Sagacity 'Rubik's Cube Mix' by Shitmat on Mixcloud


Here’s a new mix i did for Maltese label ‘Complex Sound Sagacity’ who you should check out as they wicked! .. The Rubik’s Cube Mix is a wild jaunt through banging tunes of new and old!  No particular genre just pure mashup vibes for 30mins! .. Please enjoy & share the link with friends if you dig it!

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Mash Hits # 15 – Fizz’s Guide to DJing

When Coronation street character ‘fizz’ sent me and email and asked if she could do one of the tracks for mash hits i jumped at the chance. i provided her with the ‘every no 1 ever’ folder, a copy of ableton and max msp and gave her a few hours to come up with something. When she sent me her tune i was delighted but wasn’t really digging her use you prodigy mixed with jason donovan, so i emailed her back with my concerns, i think she took offense as she never replied to my email. Anyhow that was 5 days ago and since the mp3 she sent me was named render123.mp3 i renamed it ‘Fizz’s Guide to DJing’ as it sounded better .. if you reading this Fizz, i think your interpretation of mash hits is great and if i’m being honest i was just jealous that used firestarter as i wanted it to mix with karma chameleon .. sorry xxx


Using only samples and/or parts of the following UK No 1 singles

Liberty X – Just A Little (25/5/2002)
Kraftwerk – The Model (6/2/1982)
Westlife – Uptown Girl (17/3/2001)
Shakin’ Stevens – Oh Julie (30/1/1982)
Jason Donovan – Any Dream Will Do (29/6/1991)
Prodigy – Firestarter (30/3/1996)
Jennifer Lopez – Love Don’t Cost A Thing (20/1/2001)
Starship – Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now (9/5/1987)
Dave Stewart & Barbara Gaskin – It’s My Party (17/10/1981)
Julio Iglesias ”Begin The Beguine (Volver A Empezar) (5/12/1981)
Simply Red – Fairground (30/9/1995)
Leona Lewis – Run ( 13/12/2008)

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Mash Hits # 14 – DO THE *%$£!@$ MAN

In 1991, the year airbags and the first web browser were introduced, Michael Jackson was locked away in a home studio, writing a song for an imaginary 10 year old yellow boy.  I have remixed it with some fresh and funky samples ie; Spliced Slade put through a sawmill and clumsily spattered all over Bart Sim∞„™¡%6&&*8^*&£*%§™§¡§¶¡ª•¡•¶™•¢@£!!op song?
Spilt coffee on my laptop .. DOH!


Using only samples and/or parts of the following UK No 1 singles

Simpsons – Do The Bartman (16/2/1991)
Slade  - Take Me Back ‘Ome (1/7/1972)

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Mash Hits # 13 – Swallowing Paint

The day is ending
The night descending
The marsh is frozen
The river dead.


Using only samples and/or parts of the following UK No 1 singles

Don McLean – Vincent (17/6/1972)

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Mash Hits # 12 – Slow Dancing with Hitler

Now i might loose a few Mash Hits fans who like the more fun Jive Bunny/2 many DJ’s style tracks with this one. To put it bluntly, Slow Dancing with Hitler is like a wet wet wet dream that turns into a horrible nightmare . But with pain you win prizes at .. so If you make it to the end of the song i will personally send you a can of out of date tuna.


Using only samples and/or parts of the following UK No 1 singles

Wet Wet Wet – Goodnight Girl (25/1/1992)
Robbie Williams & Nicole Kidman – Somethin’ Stupid (22/12/2001)
Mark Morrison – Return Of The Mack (20/4/1996
Abba – Dancing Queen (4/9/1976)
Dave Clark Five – Glad All Over (16/1/1964)
Telly Savalas – If (8/3/1975)
S Club 7 – Never Had A Dream Come True (9/12/2000)
Pipes & Drums & Military Band Of The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards – Amazing Grace (15/4/1972)
George Michael – Careless Whisper (18/8/1984)

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Mash Hits # 11 – How would you like it if someone came along and pitch shifted your voice?

In 2005 poor old Bobby Vinton got his voiced pitched up 8 semitones by a douchbag r’n'b rapper called akon. Acting on behalf of Mr Vinton i have pitched him back down 8 semitones thus reversing in the damage Aliaune Damala Badara Thiam did. The result is a slow-mo hiphop remix reminiscent of the wonderful DJ Screw (Google his name, he’s great).



Using only samples and/or parts of the following UK No 1 singles

Akon – Lonely (14/5/05)

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Mash Hits # 10 – LL Cool J & The Pirates

Not much to say about this one apart from it’s parent & gangster friendly


Using only samples and/or parts of the following UK No 1 singles

Stargazers – I See The Moon (12/3/1954)
Ll Cool J – Ain T Nobody (8/2/1997)
Johnny Kidd & The Pirates – Shakin’ All Over (4/8/1960)

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Mash Hits # 9 – Sleepy Satellite

This is an evolving ambient piece i made using the intro of Tasmin Archer’s no 1. The audio was simply looped and pitched in various ways crossfading over time. In Regards to ambient-esq uk no 1′s, fleetwood mac’s ‘Albatros’ is probably the nearest to ambient you’l ever get. Acoording to wikipedia “The composition and its arrangement suggest a relaxing sea setting, with cymbals imitating the sound of waves (Mick Fleetwood played his drum kit using timpani mallets to give a muted sound) and a dreamy solo from Green’s guitar. It contains only two chords, Emaj7 and F#m, and could be seen as an early ambient work”

In 2010 there was a facebook led campaign to get john cage’s 4’33 to the xmas no 1 spot. ‘Cage against the Machine’ as they called themselves, took cage’s score and rerecorded in a studio with some notable musicians (Billy Bragg, Suggs, Kooks frontman Luke Pritchard, dance act Orbital, and rock-ravers Enter Shikari .. billy brag recorded his part via iphone which i think is pretty stupid). The reason this was recorded and released was too send a message to simon cowell about how we don’t like the generic crap from the x factor sausage factory shoved down our throats (i would have sent him dogshit in the mail, that usualy works) and raise money for charity. With 16000 sales unfortunately it failed to hit the top spot, debuting at no 21.


Using only samples and/or parts of the following UK No 1 singles

Tasmin Archer – Sleeping Satellite (17/10/1992)

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Mash Hits # 8 – Corned Chart Hash

Megamix time. Now it’s worrying this early in the mash hits project too use half a dozen no 1′s i’m particular fond of like Tainted love,  Ride on time, Down under, like a Prayer, The one and only and Y.M.C.A as by november i may only be left with westlife and elvis. But the voices in my head told me too.  Expect the unexpected, coil in horror at the Manchester united 1994 Football Squad remix, hear shaken stevens ‘ol’ house’ transformed into ‘funky house’ and experience gary glitters grizzly end


Using only samples and/or parts of the following UK No 1 singles

Foundations – Baby Now That I’ve Found You (8/11/1967)
LMC V U2 – Take Me To The Clouds Above (7/2/2004)
Coolio featuring LV Gangsta’s…Paradise (28/10/1995)
Chesney Hawkes – The One And Only (30/3/1991)
Madonna – like a Prayer (25/3/1989)
Marvin Gaye – I Heard It Through The Grapevine (26/3/1969)
Chico – Chico time (11/3/06)
Beatles - Hello Goodbye (6/12/1967)
Black box – Ride on time (9/9/1989)
Men at work – down Under (29/1/1983)
Justin Timberlake – Sexyback (9/9/06)
Spandau Ballet – True (30/4/1983)
Gloria Gaynor – I Will Survive (17/3/1979)
3 Of A Kind – Babycakes (21/8/2004)
Village People – Y.M.C.A (6/1/1979)
Ken Dodd – Tears (30/9/1965)
Manchester United 1994 Football Squad – Come On You Reds (21/5/1994)
Jimmy nail – Aint no doubt (18/7/1992)
Marmalade – Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da (1/1/1969)
Armand Van Helden featuring Duane Haeden – You Don’t Know Me (6/2/1999)
Shakin’ Stevens – This Ole House (26/11/1954)
Soft cell – Tainted love (5/9/1981)
Right said fred – Deeply dippy (18/4/1992)
Gary glitter – Always yours (22/6/1974)

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