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Heya .. Glad to be back home with the family after the small uk ‘Spiritual Underpants’ tour. Good to have a rave and play with my huge midi penis live. Real sorry the colchester gig did not happen, something went wrong with the venue the day before which left lovelove in the shit and in the end it had to be cancelled. The Bangface Boat Party was a great last gig to do and i immensely enjoyed playing Happy Hardcore 50 meters from the millenium dome floating in the thames. Not sure when i’m next playing a show as having a bit of a break for the summer + back too doing my plunderphonics project ‘Mash Hits’ now. Bit behind in quotas of # 1′s used as on tour it was harder to keep up with workload so now i’m home and rested expect an influx of entries from now till November. More News and Release’s coming soon x HS

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Mash Hits # 112 – Sham Mash Hits # 113 – Null of Kintyre

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