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Big News in. I will be playing at the bangface weekender this year in collaboration with rich beatwife for our debut MISTY CONDITIONS live show.  pure ruffneck jungle style. more on this new incarnation coming real soon.

What a fucking amazing epic lineup. Cannot wait! 

You can find beatwife here ..

As well as making enough acid to melt the people of luxenborg he also makes plugins for max 4 live. On his site you can download these for a donation. There’s all sorts of great stuff for mangling your audio like GRIDWIFE, SEQ FX & SPECFREEZEWARP which i have used in tracks recently. There are also a range of synths and samplers which are awesome like PHERTZ, FM TECHRE & SAMPLE WIFE.A few weeks ago he released a stand alone version of his BREAKWIFE plugin.

In this ap you can add up to 8 breaks and ingeniously rearrange them on the fly, add fx, sequence reordering & lots more. Hours of fun & great for creating some new rhythms. A shitmat review of this ap coming soon.

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