Mash Hits # 74 – (Everything i do) I do it for you (16 week mix)

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This track is simple, well not the math’s side of it, infact i could not even do the equation necessary as it gave me a headache trying, thanks to mike.p for working it out for me. The idea behind this mash hits entry is to time stretch the song that had the most consecutive weeks at no 1 to that length. The no 1 that is in Guinness book of world records is that annoying song off Robin Hood, prince of thieves. Which was at No 1 for 16 weeks, so 16 weeks is 2688 hours. (Everything i do) I do it for you is 4.05 minutes long. Now there is no way i have enough hard drive space to time stretch the whole song so i decided to make the new song the same length as the original, 4.05. To get that i took 6.20298 milliseconds from after the 16th second of the original and stretched it out to last 4 minutes and five seconds, maintaining the pitch. I also added a stadium reverb fx for prosperity, with a 16 second decay time.

Made using only samples and/or parts of the following UK No 1 singles.
Bryan Adams – (Everything I Do) I Do It For You (13/7/1991)

View a full list of uk no 1 singles here


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