Mash Hits … the audio unit!!! (Max4live, Stand Alone, OSX, PC)

October 24, 2012 at 5:20 am 3 comments

Mash Hits … the audio unit!!! (Max4live, Stand Alone, OSX, PC)

Shitmat & Beatwife are proud to present our new audio unit with is capable of recycling pop music into wig out music. Mash Hits cuts your audio file into hits which you can then sequence, mash and twiddle on the fly using a slider based sequencer with a handy wavetable to see which slice your triggering. You can rearrange and alter your sliced audio with many options such as : Number of Slices, Attack, Velocity, Randomize slice choice, Timing, Gate, Legato, Sequence length and Morph between presets. The results can be syncopated and at other times more abstract depending on how you decide to use it. it comes with some presets but we advise you just mess around with it, link it to your midi controller and go off on one!

The Effects…

Vinyl Richie
Tweak and screw your creations up with the two knobs; Scratch and Speed. You can also draw in automation curves for your scratch.

Gary Glitter Filter
This dodgy sounding FX is infact a handy filter; lowpass, highpass, bandpass & bandstop

Delay Guetta
This FX is actually nothing to do with the floppy haired nauseating producer, it’s an effective delay unit.

Leo Slayer
Fat and hairy distortion with 2 drive knobs and a lowpass filter.

Phil Collins Phaser
Experience another day in paradise with this nifty FX

Support email mash.hits.project(@)

OSX - MAx For Live Instrument Device & Standalone Application

WIN - MAx For Live Instrument Device & Standalone Application

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Mash Hits # 214 – (It’s nearly) Xmas (…and i hate it) Mash Hits # 215 – Pass the Dutchie (spliff richard’s heavenly hardcore mix)

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  • 1. joe  |  October 24, 2012 at 3:34 pm

    you mad cunts, very noisy, just the way i like it

  • 2. Joseph Cave  |  October 31, 2012 at 1:54 am

    Great App. Is there a way to record the output on the standalone player?

    Thanks again.
    Great work

  • 3. Shitmat has remixed every UK #1 hit | | Foxy Digitalis  |  November 26, 2012 at 3:51 pm

    [...] site that there might be a physical release of the whole thing eventually. Also, he’s created software so you can do your own mashing. Anyway, the tracks themselves run the gamut from simple mashups to [...]


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