The Spiritual Underpants Tour Continues / Mash Hits ..

So the tours been a mixture of pork crackling and riveta! .. Glasgow and Oxford were instant classics! whilst london took vengaboys and the karaoke to a whole new level! .. Portsmouth dived but stil had one dred lapping it up. And At Spirit of Gravity i performed ‘Mash hits’ Live .. Compared to previous SOG’s i’ve played it was not a resounded successbut i did come out with a noisy elton john remix which i will upload asap … Brighton Ravers…. Tomorrow i make a pilgrimage to the holy land (the volks tavern, madderia drive) to play at Erisian .. come along along share a spiritual time and a can or 2 of red stripe ..


Sunday 17th of June, 2pm @ Overkill stage, Glade festival
Saturday 23rd of June, Paris (details to come)


Love love in colchester 21st & Bangface boat party on 22nd



ps. Mash Hits Returns next week!!! been a bit busy to post tracks last few weeks ..

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The dawning of a new age is upon us, as the cycle of the moon shifts into a new calendar. Roughneck Jungle Trance, Happy Hiphop Hardcore, Post chock-a-block liquid karaoke and mindmelting gabber yodeling play as loud as big ben through the solar system. Join me and my spiritual underwear on a short tour in uk this June.

1st June : Glasgow – banjax, soundhaus
2nd June : Oxford – Hodge Podge Festival
4th June : London, Best of British CLFKaraoke+Jubilee Cele (megamix set)
6th June : Portmouth – I hate your favourites, The Nell Gwyne
7th June : Brighton – Spirit of Gravity, The Red Door Store (Mash Hits Live!)
9th June : Bristol, Champion Sound
15th June : Brighton – Erisian, The Volks Tavern, Brighton w/ Stivs & Parasite
16th June : Manchester (TBC)
19th June : Birmingham (TBC)
21st June : Colchester – Love love, TBA w/The Fez, The Gross Consumer
22nd June : London – Bangface Boat Party! River Thames, London

T-shirts and Tour CD’s will be available at shows!

please contact me at for booking inquires

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Crouching demon, hidden message

hey here’s update on my new label ..

Our first release is by co founder, Roger Species. Species is a bloke who takes on the world around him with his trusty copy of sound forge 4.5. Regurgitating TV, music, news, audio books, and radio. forming his own stories of depravity, dark stupid humour and dam right weirdness.
Free download but please donate a little maggot or 2 if you enjoy!
All proceeds from donations help us press up a cassette tape version of sleeping strawberry, which donators will get sent a free copy.

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Mash Hits 1-50

Since January i have taken 159 uk no 1 singles and made 50 new tracks and remixes, I have until November to use 1000+ more that are left untouched  .. You can download Mash Hits 1-50 in a pack here

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Fuck BBC News, Fuck CNN, Fuck Fox, Fuck Sky News, Fuck The Sun, All you need is ‘News with Nastie’


My first uk current affairs report on Nastie News.

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‘Global Hypercolor EP’ out now!

Today i am happy to announce the release of my new EP!!!!  .. It’s got stabs and breaks galore! and it’s a hyperbargain at only 2 quid (same price as a cheap M&S sandwich or 2 scratch cards) for 4 tiptop tracks, support your local shitmat. Support new rave.

01. Global Hypercolour
02. Global Hypercolour (Virus Mix)
03. Global Hypercolour (Pot Noodle mix)
04. Global Hypercolour (Chris Moss Acid Remix)

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Music video i made for Chevron

The new Chevron album “Obstacles” is out 27th February 2012 and is available to pre-order today! This is an exclusive remix by DMX Krew from the “Obstacles Remixes” EP which features Luke Vibert, Altern8′s Mark Archer and EOD!

You can download Obstacles Remixes now from

I made this iris melting video using animations made in Adobe After Effects, old VHS tapes, circuit bent computer consoles, video feedback, data bending, VDMX and mixed down through an old Sony video mixer.

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Global Hypercolour EP update 2

Sorry this has been delayed for the last month, creative changes i decided too make took longer than expected.

Will be available soon, watch this space!

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bit-phalanx’s bit-pod vol1

Hey everyone, go check out the 1st podcast from experimental electronic music label Bit Phalanx!! The show includes a variety of  interesting heady music such as  Coppe’, T-toe and Zomby + I did a 20 minute mix for it!

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Rubik’s Cube Mix!

Complex Sound Sagacity 'Rubik's Cube Mix' by Shitmat on Mixcloud


Here’s a new mix i did for Maltese label ‘Complex Sound Sagacity’ who you should check out as they wicked! .. The Rubik’s Cube Mix is a wild jaunt through banging tunes of new and old!  No particular genre just pure mashup vibes for 30mins! .. Please enjoy & share the link with friends if you dig it!

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